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Likes: Beach, Coronado living, Chargers, Aztecs, New Zealand, New Zealand wine, laughing, being with good friends and family.Louis Rams, Cardinals, Mizzou Tigers, Moderate weather, God, positive motivated people, pool, darts, golf and of course beer.Likes: micro brew, Santa Claus, Rush, Dale Jr., Padres, water (anywhere).Island Beer Club is an organization of beer lovers who meet weekly for camaraderie, discussion and good june 12. th, 2017. time: 12pm event # 44. $ 600 no-limit hold ‘em $400k guaranteed event # 44.

Likes: Beach swims, chasing other dogs, raw hide cheweys, sliding between peoples legs.Dislikes: Weak and fruity beers, whiners, running (except for beer and dinner) lazy-ass people, slippery politicians and car salesman types.

Dislikes: Brussels sprouts, fundamentalism, hot and humid weather.Hobies: Music, lasn bowling, cookingshows, drinking beer with good friends, thumb twiddling, looking for Sasquatch.Back again after 20 years each at Xerox and Morgan Stanley doing financial software.New Zealand's largest retailer of books, stationery, magazines and card, with 130 stores nationwide.Husband to Brenda, father to Bryan (CHS 2010) and Christina (CHS 2014).Hobbies: Horseback riding, book editing, hiking and beer drinking.

Hobbies: Mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, heading to the river.Hobbies: Golfing, surfing, most water sports, spending time with good friends and my wife Nicci.

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Ontario Fire Dept participate in Light It Up 5K 2017. ONTARIO SPOTLIGHT. TELL US WHAT YOU THINK. 444 SW 4th Street • Ontario, OR 97914 • (541).Parker Moxley Dawson: Apprentice, AS: 21 May 14, Son of Derek Dawson.Last 17 yrs focused on Aircraft Carrier maintenance on USS Independence, USS Kitty Hawk and USS Carl Vinson and other PACFLT carriers.Likes: Microbreweries, fast cars, slow women, antique Volvos, music.

Likes: My family, food, music, optimistic compassionate people, sports of all types.Likes: Bervages at 32.1 degrees, hoppy beer, 3-day weekends, bloody decks, and BBQ.Wife, Margie (starter), Kane, Brigid and Robbie. all CHS grads.Dislikes: Anything Pickled. not a fan of strong Vinegar tastes.

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Hobbies: Enjoying the wild ride called life with my wife and our four children.Hobbies: I love the ocean, surfing badly, scuba and the arts.Husband to Lovely Liz, Father to three beautiful girls, Sadie, Gabrielle and of course Leila.Likes: Good friends, music, art, photography, Bible studies, travel, off-roading, planes, trains and fast cars.

Hobbies: Bicycling, fishing by himself, quoting movies over and over and over again.I had Corona beer in the refrigerator, and though this is not an endorsement, I drank one and immediately felt better and after two I was cured.Duchess: Mascot, MCS: 1 Apr 09, Tall and leggy (Harlequin Great Dane).Likes: Fast Jet skis, Sailing, Boating, My girlfriend, My Family, My dogs, My work, Drinking, Meeting new people.Likes: Peanut butter-filled pretzels, long walks with Sarah, romance novels.Hobbies: Sailing, golfing, skiing, surfing, beer canning, RVing and most other things that end with ing.Hobbies: Sailing, body surfing, fishing, growing grapes and avocados, lousy poker player.Likes: People watching, happy hour, travel, sleep, Selma Hayek, roller coasters, mexican food, NHL, NFL, big swells, beer from Bavaria, live music, fast cars and adventure.

Loc: Fort Worth TX Poker Standing. Cory 66 67 Lambert, Jeremy / Bryan, Keith 67 68 Fox, Brian / Biggs, James 68 69 McCravey, Cody / Dempsey, Ryan 69.Around the world for those troops who are protecting our FREEDOM.Student: Of all things mechanical, working on an Airframe and Powerplants Certificate.Hobbies: Chasing balls at the beach and visiting everyone at IBC.Hobbies: Skiing, Flying, Sailing, and pretty much anything OTHER than sitting in the office.First moved to Coronado in 1993, left in 1999, back for good in 2012.General Poker Discussion. Loc: back from beyond the grave Re:. The front page of SbB is an actual sports blog,.Likes: Malty beers, Zymurty, fine dinner, cooking, single malt scotch, cigars.Aubrie Hill: HMS 16 May 12, Student at the University of Oklahoma studying Mechanical Engineering.

Hobbies: Snow skiing, shooting civil war muzzle loaders, USS Midway volunteer, reading, working in the garage.Hobbies: Golf, coin collecting, reading, brewery visiting, beer festivals.Dislikes: People playing slow golf, when the keg gets tapped.Hobbies: golf, wood widdling, playing the harpsichord, spending time with wife and dogs.Likes: My family, Guinness, NY sports teams - especially the NY Football Giants, and patriots (not those guys from New England who went 18-1).Hobbies: Playing sports, reading, traveling, music, hanging with my kids.Hobbies: Golf, Chess, Travel, Foreign Languages, Surfing - although it has been a while since I have been out on the board, Skiing, Reading, Writing and Photography.

My Motto: Live each day to its fullest, with excitement as to what the next day offers.Likes: old Landcruisers, shoulder to head high sets, fresh tahoe powder, putting for birdie (occurs once a century) and beer.Loves: Family and good people, aircraft carriers, the New York Giants, the sound of wind in palm trees, good salsa (never comes in a jar), and the smell of freshly cut grass.

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Decided there was no better place to start my practice and rest of my island life.