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Yesterday, Macworld reported that Sprint would be selling the iPhone 4S with an unlocked micro-SIM slot, potentially allowing users traveling abroad.

International use only and you have to be a Sprint customer for 90 days and pay your bill on time.What about if I resell my phone to someone on Craigslist next year, do they need to have their own SIM card or do I leave mine in the phone assuming I will receive a new one.If your iPhone has this policy applied, it is ONLY unlocked for international use and will not work domestically.

What kind of sim card use for freedompop ?. The iPhone 4S DOES have a SIM card however its. Verizon and Sprint will both unlock the GSM SIM slot on a 4S for.Credits end at end of term, early payoff or upgrade, whichever occurs first.Will a unlocked Verizon iPhone 4S work on R+. don't be fooled by the fact that the (verizon or sprint) iphone 4S has a sim card slot. only put a new sim card in.I think he got it in the initial roll out, so probably supply was constrained.What are the different SIM sizes and which phones use which SIM. Older CDMA devices don't even have a SIM card slot. Apple iPhone 4s: Micro SIM: Apple iPhone 5.

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It has already been noted in the thread a few times, but MSL codes are worthless.There is one scenario that seems to be happening lately with regard to the 5c and 5s.The device has not been reported as lost or stolen, associated with fraudulent activity, or otherwise flagged as ineligible to be unlocked.On non-iPhones you can then reprogram the phone, i.e., unlock it.

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Monthly payment terms and down payment for all others will vary.Find great deals on eBay for sprint iphone 4 sim card and sprint iphone 4. New NeterPro Unlock SIM Card iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 iOS 6-7.0.4 Sprint Verizon AT&T. Brand.iPhone 4 did not have the slot.4S was the first to. 4 which does not have a SIM Card or a SIM card tray if it is a Verizon (or Sprint). Iphone 4 no sim card tray.

An iPhone 4 without a sim card tray works with the CDMA network in the US, which does not exist in other countries, so no, it will not work in Malaysia. You need an unlocked iPhone with a sim card tray for it to work in Malaysia.There is no physical way you can enter an MSL code and there is zero way you can reprogram an iPhone.Unlike regular SIM cards these cards do NOT store data (contacts, etc.). The UICC card is encrypted and paired to your device.TO READ: The Sprint iPhone 5 contains a USIM card, NOTHING pertaining to your account or phone number is stored on this card and swapping another Sprint SIM will do nothing to the phone.So are you saying the Sprint iPhone 5 is physically different then the other carriers, i.e., can only handle one specific SIM card.Now, if you are a US citizen looking to unlock your Sprint iPhone for domestic use this does not change anything at all and is useless to you.Certain people over at the Sprint BAW forums are currently contributing to this false sense of hope out of ignorance about how the iPhone works.

The iPhone 4 from Sprint doesn’t have a slot for a SIM card Sprint is a CDMA carrier. They don’t use SIM cards as the technology for.

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For domestic SIM unlockable devices launched after February 2015, Sprint will automatically unlock the device when it becomes eligible.Whether this is intentional or not remains to be seen, but if it is NOT intentional I would expect Sprint to patch it quickly.All you brand new Sprint iPhone 4S. Sprint will begin locking the SIM card of every iPhone 4S. Sprint to lock iPhone 4S SIM cards, starting today.From what I am reading, the UICC SIM cards are an advance over the standard SIM.With all the questions about Sprint unlocking, I thought I would add this here.Of course, the iPhone 4 has no SIM slot and can be used domestically only with Sprint and cannot be unlocked.

November 23, 2014: 16:24 - Ugh, have to retract the earlier information.

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AT&T/T-Mobile? for the GSM sim card slot? I have someone that. iPhone 5 Sim Slot?. I plan to challenge this come October when my Sprint iPhone 4S is off.For eligible devices, Sprint will unlock the SIM slot, to the extent that a device SIM slot is capable of being unlocked.Problem Transferring Straight Talk Service to a Sprint iPhone. A Sprint iPhone 4s does have a SIM slot, and Sprint may in fact have sold them with a SIM card,.

According to someone on HoFo, Sprint will start to allow unlocked iPhones purchased from Apple onto their network.

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EDIT APRIL 19, 2014: Note that the unlock policy page has been updated to include some new verbiage.He can swap the UICC cards in the two phones, and move his phone number and service, form one to the other, as though they were unlocked.

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Every iPhone contains a slot for a SIM card. on Sprint or Verizon do not need a SIM card to. sized SIM card to use in an iPhone 4 or 4S by removing.

. is the lack of a SIM card slot on the site. I have a Verizon iphone 4 that a friend of mine gave to. does the verizon iphone 4g have a sim card?.