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Zoosha Solution Crafting Material 8 Standard Artifice Synthweaving Archaeology Crew Skill Trade Vendor.Hadrium Underworld Metal 10 Prototype Armormech Cybertech Underworld Trading Mnek Scrap Peddler.

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Requires Augment slot Augmentation Slot MK-10 or better This Augment can be used to upgrade your weapons and. Overkill Augment 36 is a premium power and endurance.

Tips to Augment Gear at Least Cost and sw-tor. augment slots. It worth noting that you don’t need to remove the augments after obtaining a gear upgrade,.Hemostatic Gel Medical Supplies 8 Prototype Biochem Diplomacy Mnek Scrap Peddler.SWTOR 3.0 New Crafting Mats & Schematics. Augmentation Slot. this may be a dumb question but i have mk-9 augment slots on my armors…can i upgrade them to mk.

Vanadium Flux Crafting Material 8 Standard Armormech Armstech Cybertech Scavenging Crew Skill Trade Vendor.Power Tube Sliced Tech Part 1 Prototype Armormech Armstech Synthweaving Slicing Mnek Scrap Peddler.Tricopper Flux Crafting Material Standard Armormech Armstech Cybertech Scavenging Crew Skill Trade Vendor.Doonium Underworld Metal 8 Artifact Armormech Cybertech Underworld Trading Izzar Scrap Peddler.Zeyd-cloth Crafting Material Standard Artifice Synthweaving Archaeology Crew Skill Trade Vendor.This additional component slot, called an Augment Slot, can then be used to further upgrade your gear by installing an Augment.

Iridescent Bondar Crystal Power Crystal 10 Premium Artifice Synthweaving Archaeology Hadiir Scrap Peddler.Crew Skills & Crafting - SWTOR: What good is a rag-tag band of droids, humans,. Armoring and mods are upgrade modifications that augment combat ability.Alien Artifact Fragment Artifact Fragment 1:1 Hypertech Artifact Fragment.

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Luminescent Cell Culture Biochemical Compound 1:1 Genetic Anomaly.Power Capacitor Sliced Tech Part 3 Artifact Armormech Armstech Synthweaving Slicing Izzar Scrap Peddler.

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Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at.Armoring and mods are upgrade modifications that augment. crafting an item with an augment slot. swtor, swtor archaeology, swtor.Green Goo Biochemical Compound 1 Premium Biochem Bioanalysis Coruscant, Dromund Kaas, Taris (Pub), Balmorra (Imp) Green Deciduous Stem Hadiir Scrap Peddler.Official site. BioWare and LucasArts bring you the next evolution in MMO Gameplay: Story.

Cosmic Trace Particle Biochemical Compund 1:1 Nerve-Damaging Chemical.The table only indicates one artifact fragment for simplicity.

Pristine Yellow Crystal Gemstone 4 Prototype Artifice Mnek Scrap Peddler.Hypo-syringe Crafting Material Standard Biochem Bioanalysis Crew Skill Trade Vendor.Augmentation Slot Component MK-4 Augmentation Slot Premium Armormech Armstech Synthweaving Reverse Engineering.Exonium Exotic Crafting Material 2:1 Exotic Isotope Stabilzer.

First there are dual-channel dyes which consist of a single dye module that changes the primary and secondary colors of an item.Prehistoric Artifact Fragment Artifact Fragment 1:1 Ancient Artifact Fragment.

Rubat Crystal Power Crystal 1 Premium Artifice Synthweaving Archaeology Coruscant, DK, Taris (Pub), Balmorra (Imp) Rubat Crystal Formation Hadiir Scrap Peddler.Page of our list of SWTOR Items. Use it to search for best items for you character. We have news and guides as well.

Schematic: Accuracy Augment 4 is a reward from Crew Skill Missions.Single-Pulse Implant Processor Crafting Material 1:1 Hemosponge.Swtor Crew Skill Guides; Includes guides to help you understand, raise, profit from and maximize your potential with all Crew Skills.» Star Wars: The Old Republic ». Where gear crafting (armor/weapon/synth) can make nice augments. But you can buy augments/slots,. Computer Build / Upgrade Help.