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Displaying great heroism the Line 4.1.6 stewardess (Mrs Gill) supplied and fitted Line 4.1.7 lifebelts to Mrs.She sank in about 30 feet of water Line 3.1.11 before this manoeuver could be com- Line 3.1.12 pleted.

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As the tide rose they Line 5.2.8 were washed off, and, with one exception.. and is part of the western district steamship resource including the SS Casino, SS Coramba and SS Julia Percy. from Melbourne to Port Fairy and Portland.Line 12.6.0 Engine-room hands were ordered on deck, Line 12.6.1 and directions were given to launch our.The Line 16.6.11 Sphene will run to the agency of Howard Line 16.6.12 Smith Ltd., and will leave Melbourne to- Line 16.6.13 morrow for Warrnambool only. on Satur- Line 16.6.14 day she will sail for all ports on the run. Line 16.6.15 The Sphene has no passenger accommoda- Line 16.6.16 tion.

Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple. Great Ocean Road - Apollo Bay & Otways Destination Guide,. Divers submerge to the SS Casino wreck,.Line 5.0.0 When it was seen that the Casino could Line 5.0.1 not be beached an effort was made to Line 5.0.2 abandon her.Get address of Moyne River - Port Fairy,. Ss Casino 55m. Dockside Waterfront Indulgence 55m. The Wharf Commons 57m. Wisharts 60m. Riverview at the Wharf 60m.Line 18.1.0 the wrecked Casino is seen lying on her beam with the heavy seas breaking over her.

Explore SS Casino memorial propeller in Port Fairy, Australia as it appears on Google Maps and Bing Maps as well as pictures, stories and other.

Celebrations were to have in- Line 15.2.7 cluded complete furbishing and refurnlshlng Line 15.2.8 of the ship, and much of the refitting had.One could not be handled Line 12.7.1 owing to the sea and the list of the ship.The monument is a pillar of eight courses of bluestone blocks, 2.5 metres high with the propeller of the ship affixed to the west face, and the wreck bell which originally hung in the yard of the Customs House at Port Fairy mounted on the top of the cairn.Line 13.0.0 but two were swung out, and the two Line 13.0.1 women passengers were ordered into the Line 13.0.2 first. But both boats capsized in the water. Line 13.0.3 Simultaneously the ship sank on its side, Line 13.0.4 and we were all thrown overboard.The SS Casino was an important feature of local maritime life.

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Line 10.1.0 Toward noon the sea became quieter. Line 10.1.1 The Casino had disappeared from sight. Line 10.1.2 Queenscliff lifeboat corps, the Air Force, Line 10.1.3 at Point Cooke, and the chief engineer oi Line 10.1.4 the ports and harbours branch (Mr G.Line 13.6.0 Orlando Binnie joined the Casino only a Line 13.6.1 week ago, replacing David P.As the Line 5.0.4 Casino heeled over all aboard were thrown Line 5.0.5 into the sea.

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Line 16.6.0 Arrangements have been made for the Line 16.6.1 Sphene to continue the service between Mel- Line 16.6.2 bourne and Western District ports, and to Line 16.6.3 complete contracts with shippers.Line 1.0.0 CASINO SINKS IN APOLLO BAY Line 1.0.1 ATTEMPT TO BEACH LEAKING SHIP.Stanley Ernest Stret- Line 11.6.4 ton. He was on the bridge with Captain Line 11.6.5 Middleton before the first attempt was Line 11.6.6 made to berth at the Apollo Bay jetty, and Line 11.6.7 he remained on the bridge until the vessel.

Line 4.0.0 The suddenness of the floundering is the Line 4.0.1 most remarkable feature of the tragedy. Line 4.0.2 After the Casino floundered the tide rose, Line 4.0.3 entirely hiding the ship.Line 2.22.0 FOLEY, Michael, junior, aged 20 years, able seaman, unmarried.Get address of Aboard The Mulloka - Port Fairy, submit your review or ask any question about Aboard The Mulloka,. Ss Casino 172m. Dockside Waterfront Indulgence 172m.De- Line 16.1.3 spite her slight draught, the Casino had Line 16.1.4 had several severe mishaps.Next month would Line 15.2.5 have marked the 50th anniversary of her Line 15.2.6 first run.

Line 9.2.0 mers and suffered comparatively little from Line 9.2.1 the ordeal, assisted in the rescue work.Line 2.14.0 KIRKPATRICK, James, aged 44 years, cook and providore, married, 294 Wood street.

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Line 2.12.0 THOMPSON, James, aged 25 years, ordinary seaman, married, 247 Princes street, Port.School Teacher Salaries in Port Augusta, SA. How much does a School Teacher in Port Augusta,. PORT AUGUSTA SS.We could tell that it Line 12.1.4 was only the sand which the vessel had Line 12.1.5 struck. We were not alarmed, as it is.The Shipwreck Coast of Victoria, Australia stretches from to Cape Otway to Port Fairy,. Casino (1932) City of Rayville.Flagship of the Belfast and Koroit Steam Navigation Company based in Port Fairy.

He leaves Line 14.5.8 a widow and three daughters, Greta, Helen, Line 14.5.9 and Janet, the eldest of whom is aged 17 Line 14.5.10 years and the youngest 9 years. Mrs. Line 14.5.11 Middleton is a daughter of Mrs. and the Line 14.5.12 late Mr.Line 3.0.0 APOLLO BAY Sunday - The Casino Line 3.0.1 is owned by the Belfast and Koroit Line 3.0.2 Steam Navigation Company and for Line 3.0.3 50 years has been running between Mel- Line 3.0.4 bourne and Portland, calling at Apollo Bay, Line 3.0.5 Warrnambool, and Port Fairy.