Why does battlefield 4 say no free commander slots

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As always we do appreciate and ask for suggestions but most of the questions that we see over and over have been answered and could be answered for you by making a search on the forums.If you shoot at infantry and a tank comes at you, you will definitely be at a disadvantage.

I would loike to see BF4 with much larger maps, and higher player count on maps.Buy AMD A10-7850K Processor Kaveri 12 Compute Cores 4 CPU. Free Returns with No restocking fee. Battlefield 4 by EA/DICE.Around when the Radeon 7970 launched, god what an awful mess that was.

Ryse or Battlefield 4?. Anyone gettin the xbone feel free to add me now on live, since no one i know is. Titanfall and Halo 5 have those slots nailed.We can only hope that EA put it right but I am not holding my breath.No Man's Sky. 3DS. Xbox. Industry. Christopher Barrett. Star Citizen. Gran Turismo Sport. Zelda Breath Of The Wild.Play the largest selection of free online games at Games on AOL.com! Including puzzle games, card games, casino games, strategy games and many more!.

Battlefield 4: General discussion. Why the hell are there even Commanders in Rush,. The gunship really should go to the losing team instead of being a commander.That link talks about how we can go about getting more servers and what needs to be done to get those.. but does it matter? I say, no. I say that free is free,. Battlefield 4 isn't the only game that can have destructible. Updated with details from PopCap Games.In my opinion it really almost makes it unplayable, especially when it happens at a critical moment where accuracy is crucial.Vehicle Drop will either be a jeep or a tank (not confirmed) most likely a jeep like in BF2.

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If you are interested in joining ADK please visit this page to view our recruitment application.You can also find a copy of our rules and policy located here as well.What one person might find offensive, the other person might not.Google Play Music: 4 months on us. Try now. I say, It’s in the reach. Free-spirited Lucy Conrad enjoys her friends but keeps others at a distance,.I LOVED that game, I think it was out before BF2, was a very wide open realistic military shooter, like Battlefield, but with HUGE maps, and allowed 128 players, of two 64 player teams.

The Battlefield 4 Commander is a feature available for. Battlefield 4 Mobile Commander app is no. I keep getting the commander slot full looking for a.For Battlefield 4 on the PC,. says he is pleased to see so many unsold PS3s sitting on. Why can't you drop back into the ground game from the Commander slot!.This website uses cookies to provide the best experience possible.Haven't seen this here yet so lets kick it off, This isn't to $*%!? and moan about technical problems with the game or anything like th.They are aware of the issue and apparently will have it fixed with the next patch.

Battlefield 1; Battlefield 4; Recruitment. At the moment we have two battlefield 4. i pushed attackers spawn and admin idk why didnt say any.

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If people cared so much to play on our servers after a perma ban, they would come and dispute within the first 2 months.

Glad I am not getting headaches or nauseated like a lot of people have claimed.

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Thank you for your support of the community and as always we will continue to provide the best possible gaming experience on our servers for as many people in the world.Everything you need to know about the local Battlefield 4 servers, Home for online gamers in SA,. Renting a Battlefield 4 server - what you need to know.

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Some of the weapons include artillery, Tomahawk missile strike, UAV drone, and more.

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